Welcome Home!

March 10, 2021

We strive to provide a clean and safe environment, being mindful of health needs and issues individuals face.  We are not sure how long the following measures will need to be in place, but we anticipate this is the reality going forward.

​ We are taking the following steps to prepare our facilities for safe use:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the sanctuary.
  • Closing off every other pew to help with social distancing. 
  • Masks will be made available for those who desire them.

​For those who decide to attend in person, please note:

  1. We will have a simple worship service each week. Due to social distancing and other concerns, the service will be simple and minimally staffed.
  2. We will offer (1) Sunday School class for adults, (1) for children, and (1) for youth. All classes will meet in the Fellowship Hall Building.
  3. Restrooms are available for emergency use only.  
  4. Social distancing guidelines will be in place and everyone in attendance will be expected to honor such guidelines. (Maintaining 6 feet of distance between you and those who do not live with you)
  5. The Nursery will be open during Sunday School and during the Worship Service.
  6. No passing of the offering plate – We will have plates or other receptacles available for the safe collection of tithes and offerings.
  7. Medically fragile and anyone experiencing any symptoms of illness are encouraged to stay home.

Whether you choose to join us this Sunday or continue to worship online, I encourage you to keep on connecting with one another by phone or text, to love your neighbors, to give generously, and to live out your faith for the glory of God.

I am confident that our sovereign God is working “all things according to the counsel of his will” (Eph.1:11b, ESV) and that as we trust him and obey him, He will show us a wise way forward.

Your Pastor,

Bro. Mike

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